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Team Shock Basketball Club

 4557358056Who Is Crossover Academy Team Shock Basketball Club?

Crossover Academy TEAM SHOCK Basketball Club (TSBC) is an athletic organization designed to provide young student athletes (grades 5th – 12th) with a forum to develop and showcase their basketball skills and talents.  The program emphasizes the importance of education, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The program also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with the common goal of competing, learning and socializing.  This aids in accomplishing the program’s ultimate goal, which is to help instill in our youth the vital importance of hard work, fair play and equality.

What Should I Expect From The Program?

Participants can expect the finest competition, exposure and coaching in the country.  In addition to a nurturing and safe environment that promotes confidence, leadership,
high self-esteem, and discipline.  The TSBC plays a national schedule of games against the best teams from across the country.

Who Plays For Team Shock?

Some great, some destined to be great, and many dedicated players who simply play for the love of the game.  However, Crossover Academy TEAM SHOCK Basketball Club (TSBC) 
is looking to bring  parents and players into the program that understand the level of commitment and dedication that it takes to excel both on the court and in the classroom. 

Crossover Academy TEAM SHOCK Basketball Club (TSBC) believes that it is imperative for players looking to maximize their basketball potential, by participating in fall, spring and
summer programs outside of their school season.  We strongly believe in player development through high intensity drills and quality instruction. The exposure to high levels of
competition, and college coaches are important in the growth of the student athlete.

All club members will have an opportunity to compete in showcase tournaments, evaluation team and individual camps.   This will provide our members with the greatest exposure
to NCAA college coaches, recruiters and National high school recruiting services.  NCAA regulations prohibit college coaches from recruiting amateur athletes, except during certain
times of the year.  Crossover Academy TEAM SHOCK Basketball Club (TSBC) plans their schedule to accommodate NCAA regulations.  

“If you want to be the best, you have to play the best…”


Register for Crossover Academy Teams


PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT UNPAID REGISTRATION FORMS. They will not be valid Registrations. This form is for APPROVED Players Joining Crossover Academy, not a Tryout Form. Please, use our clinic form for tryout sign ups.

Youth/High School Registration 2014 (Grades 5-12)

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Your child will receive the following:


  • 6-8 Quality Bay Area, San Diego, Reno Tournaments (18-24 games) Schedule subject to change.
  • 2 to 3 College Level Skill Development team practices per week.
  • 1 CA Custom Team Uniform
  • 1 CA Team Bag or Back pack
  • 1 CA Team T-shirt
  • 1 Pair of Nike Shoes and 1 Pair of Nike Elite Socks
  • AAU Club Membership and Insurance
  • Learn the game in a safe environment.
  • Meet new friends....and Have Fun!




Make Your Payment Online

Annual Registration Fees ($300)

Payable upon registration.
Click the button below to pay via Paypal or Credit Card.


Annual Tournament Fees ($1,000)

Click the button below to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. 
For payment plans please contact us at or 831.776.6755.



Mitchell Bennett

"All of this has been made possible because of Vic"  ~  Mitchell Bennett

Pati Elsa Monterey

"They have never sounded so excited to get on the field"  ~ Pati & Elsa Monterey

Haley Boyd

"Coach Viconto is a great mentor and coach"  ~  Haley Boyd

Brian Reader

"I was amazed at the turn around"  ~  Larry Murphy

Bianca Madrid

"I had a great experience working with Crossover Academy"  ~  Bianca Madrid

Teresa Bunnell

"You have given my son the experience and knowledge to succeed"  ~  Teresa Bunnell

Lerry Carr

"The Monterey Peninsula is fortunate to have someone like you locally"  ~  Larry Carr

Brian LePore

"I was impressed by the excitement and the fire Coach Vic Goodwin showed"  ~ Brian LePore


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