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Cross Training Performance Boot Camp


Cross Training Performance Boot Camp (CTPBC) is…

  • The latest, form of cross training!
  • A full body workout!
  • Functional Movement and Strength/Condition training at its best!
  • A proven method for weight loss and strength development that is administered in a digestible,
    convenient, safe results oriented manor!

With Cross Training Performance Boot Camp, technique and safety are made paramount! Involuntary muscles responsible for
balance and coordination are fully engaged! The results are weight loss, a tighter core, better balance, increased stamina/strength,
and the ability to exercise and/or perform at a high level for a longer period of time!

Cross Training Performance Boot Camp Nationally Certified trainers are ready to help you get in the best shape possible. Training
regimen includes high intensity workouts using Speed Sac Saf8 weights/Saf8 Sleds and heavy rope.

For more information on the options Cross Training Performance Boot Camp has for you, call us today at 831.754.0611.


CTPBC Videos

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Mitchell Bennett

"All of this has been made possible because of Vic"  ~  Mitchell Bennett

Pati Elsa Monterey

"They have never sounded so excited to get on the field"  ~ Pati & Elsa Monterey

Haley Boyd

"Coach Viconto is a great mentor and coach"  ~  Haley Boyd

Brian Reader

"I was amazed at the turn around"  ~  Larry Murphy

Bianca Madrid

"I had a great experience working with Crossover Academy"  ~  Bianca Madrid

Teresa Bunnell

"You have given my son the experience and knowledge to succeed"  ~  Teresa Bunnell

Lerry Carr

"The Monterey Peninsula is fortunate to have someone like you locally"  ~  Larry Carr

Brian LePore

"I was impressed by the excitement and the fire Coach Vic Goodwin showed"  ~ Brian LePore


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